February 21, 2014

Street Style Trend: Daisy Crazy

I've been seeing a lot of blog posts recently, and surprisingly a lot of them were about this Daisy print trend. I just so happened to be browsing Urban Outfitters, and stumbled across some amazing sales on daisy print items (All under $40!). Convenient, no? So if you were considering jumping on the daisy train, well welcome aboard! Mind you, Forever 21 has two pages worth of homages to the flora in question (with a full-range of doable prices, financially speaking), so I've included some of their must-have accessories as well (Starting at $1.80 - Five's my fave, matching bracelet not shown). Finally, I've quickly gathered some fun daisy-themed inspo from none other than, just incase. I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of all over micro-floral (I find it too outdated for my tastes) but after writing this post, I've come to realize how versatile this print really is, especially in its classic "black background, with contrasting white daisies" form. I probably wouldn't go for a garden-worthy maxi, but I don't think I'd mind a single flower or chain of daisies. We'll see!

Prepare for a Floral Fixation:

Urban Outfitters

Forever 21

1 - Darling Daisy Bow Hair Elastic
2 - Tiered Daisy Earrings
3 - Daisy Field Woven Scarf
4 - Stacked Rhinestoned Daisy Ring
5 - Sweet Daisy Necklace
6 - Darling Daisy Ankle Socks

For Further Inspo:

Daisy by OLIVIA N.


Lavender Daze By HANNAH R. (And yes, that IS a Daisy-Themed Leg Garter.)

Daisy Day By IPEK N. (Last resort?)

Can you dig it?


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