November 4, 2013

My Secret Sequin Binge

I don't know why but as of late I've been obsessed with purchasing and attempting to incorporate vintage items that would seriously classify as "Man Repelling" material into my wardrobe. We're talking oversized 80's blazers covered in a jewel toned baroque & snakeskin print, a rather large pair of clip-on earrings, and most recently, a sequinned cardigan that I plan to use as a substitute until I FINALLY find my perfect varsity jacket. 

Bulky perfection.
So I went a little crazy with the photo editing.
Sue me.

Sad to say, but my boyfriend hates every bit of it. He really isn't a fan of oversized "menswear inspired" blazers, shoulder pads, or granny-esque attire.

All I can say is: Too bad, cause I'm loving it.

I don't know why, but I'm feeling bold and totally stepping out of my usual wintertime comfort zone outfit-of-choice (be gone with you, jeans and a hoodie). I think it might have something to do with the fact that the fresh faces I've met as of late are somehow being led on into thinking (by whatever the hell I'm wearing on any given day this past F2013) that I'm enrolled in a fashion program.

It feels good being mistaken for a fashion student; I'm kind of priding myself on it.

Hey, it must mean I'm doing something right, right?!

Anyway enough with the jibber jabber, here's some sultry sequinned sweaters for the upcoming snowflake season (try and stop my alliterations, I dare you):

Sequinned Sweaters That Satisfy (c/o Etsy)

Now we know where Louis Vuitton got it from. Etsy
I feel like this just screams: "Pair me with Prada!" Etsy
There's something oddly appealing about looking like you OD'd on Skittles, 
and puked all over yourself.  Etsy
I think I'm obligated to dye my hair if I wear this. Etsy
Next level Houndstooth. Etsy
I know it doesn't feature sequins, but I still NEED THIS. Etsy

This has gotten me in the mood to do an "Ugly Christmas Sweater"post in the near future.

What's your verdict on sequins? Sparkly studs of awesome, or better left in the 80's?


How to Get Your Head in the Game for Midterms - Let's Kick Anxiety's Ass!!!

Midterm season is upon us and I for one am freaking the duck out!!!

Exams always make me crazy anxious, and I know I'm not the only one who gets this way... Judging by my friends' frantic "Wish me luck!" text messages and their "Cram-o-rama time" status updates on Facebook, I'm not alone and neither are you!

I bet you're reading this thinking that I'm going to tell you to "study harder" and "avoid all-nighters", all that "La Di Da" self-help advice those hard-working study whores'll give ya.


I'm not here to tell you HOW to study. I'm here to help you deal with the super awful "my stomach's in my chest, I'm choking on my own breath, and it feels like someone is wringing out my lungs" kind of feeling that you experience when you think you're absolutely doomed to fail. Which you probably aren't. You were smart enough to seek help with your anxiety, so obviously you're not a total lost cause, yeah?


And now, in no particular order...

What to Do the Day/Night before, and the Morning of, Your Test/Midterm/Exam to Chill Out:

First time using my nail art brushes. Don't judge!


I'm totally serious. I don't know what it is, but taking the time to "Zen Out" and paint my nails some funky colour with an equally funky fresh design really helps me get over my anxiety. So take a break from studying and primp yourself. Plus, when you write your exam you'll have gorgeous nails to look at - a great pick me up! Choose colours and designs that inspire you. I love doing a bold red nail. It makes me feel fierce, like I'm ready to pounce on my exams! Meow.

A TO Zzzzzzz...

Get some rest before your exam. You'll feel (and look!) a lot better come test-time when you can wake up and not feel icky, sick, or worried that you're too tired to remember anything. Try to aim for at least six hours to ensure you're not just taking a long nap.


Set multiple alarms for about 2 hours before your exam, so you don't have to freak out about being late or not having enough time to review/get ready in the morning. When I get up 2 hours early, I spend the first hour just totally de-stressing and getting ready, meaning dressing up, doin' ma hurr, and preparin' noms. I spend the next hour commuting to school and reviewing my notes, ensuring that I arrive early and am not tripping into the exam room 25 minutes late, doomed to be on the receiving end of everyone's "you wrecked my focus!" glares for the rest of the exam.


Pick your outfit out the night before, so you're not scrambling last minute trying to find your "lucky" shirt/socks/panties. I like to avoid the sweatpants, sweatshirt, half-assed ponytail combo. I feel like it drags me down even more when I look in the mirror and look like I just gave up on myself. Just because you don't have class and you have to do a test doesn't mean you have to give up! Think about it this way: you're normally sitting in class for up-to 3 hours anyway, so what's the difference when it comes to sitting for an exam? I'd rather own my outfit, and reap the benefits of the confidence provided by said cute outfit, than wallow in my depressing sweatpants that I've been exam-cramming in for the last week.  Look good = Feel good!


Another thing you can do the night before to ensure you're not freaking on your "big day" is organizing your pencil case. Technically, we're not allowed to bring a pencil case to our exams, so in this case I'm referring to your makeshift "Ziplock bag pencil case". Get multiple pencils, pens, erasers, highlighters, and other necessary tools (calculator, crib sheet, extra sheets of lined/plain paper for rough work, textbook, pencil sharpener, etc.) packed up beforehand. That way, if you are low on pencils, you'll have time in the morning to pick some up or source some from your local pencil pusher.

Pro tip: If you're bringing a calculator, double-check the batteries. If you're unsure what their juice level is, either replace them before your test, or bring extra batteries. Also, make sure those extra batteries aren't on the verge of dying. It's happened.


What better way to start the morning than with a calming cup of tea? Just make sure it's of the non-drowsy variety and try to avoid caffeine because I'm sure you're only just coming down from last night's Red Bull high. One of my favourite mojo-maxing teas is Tetley's Mojito Herbal Tea. I love to mix in a little bit of lemon and honey, and since it's caffeine-free, I'm not crashing during my exam. Score.


So I tend to avoid this crucial meal on a daily basis (not on purpose, I'm just usually not very hungry in the mornings), but I insist on consuming a lovely spread before any examination. Not only will food give you the energy you need to focus during your test, you have to consider the fact that your test could drag on for quite awhile, meaning you won't get to eat for quite awhile. And stomach grumbling during test-induced silence is not a fun experience. So crack those eggs, and whip up a quick omelette! One of my favourite pre-test breakfasts consists of a mushroom, chicken bacon, and red pepper omelette, with a side of toasted bread and plain yogurt. If I don't have enough time to sit and eat, I just wedge the omelette between two slices of toast, wrap it in some paper towel, and voila - homemade breakfast sandwich to go!

What are your fave tips for taking a tip-top test?  Comment below!

Eternal wishes of luck,


October 22, 2013

How to Make Your Own Halloween Costume - Poison Ivy Edition!

Missed me?

Cause I sure as hell missed you!

Ok, now let's get down to business.

Halloween-related business! OOOOOOOHHHHHH!

So I've been working on a concept for my couple's costume this year. Le boyfriend ACTUALLY AGREED TO THIS.  I don't think you guys can really comprehend how monumental this is for me. For the last 3 years that we've been together, Chris has NEVER wanted to do a couples costume with me... no matter how much I begged and pleaded. However, THIS YEAR he totally suggested it! I came up with the concept, and now we're super excited to execute it for the various Halloween parties/events we'll be attending post-midterm mayhem.

He's going to be The Riddler, and I'm going to be Poison Ivy!  WIN!

Okay, I'll stop with the CAPS... now.

Now Chris and I don't just buy costumes, we make our own. He might go a little bit crazier than me when it comes to complexity, but we both can brag about the fact that we've never had to buy a full costume in our lives (Thanks Mom). Sure, sometimes we do have to buy licensed props (like a lightsaber for my Lady Vader costume), but for the most part we do our best to use our existing closets as well as hand-made little details for our costumes.

Here are some Poison Ivy costume necessities, Shopaholic style (some more risque than others!):

Forever 21: Fit & Flare Cage Dress in Green
Spirit Halloween: Passion Red Adult Wig

American Apparel: Cotton Spandex Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt Leotard in Forest

Stag Shop: Gloves - Red

Spirit Halloween: Dominatrix Ponytail Red Adult Womens Wig

H&M: Jersey Dress in Green

Nasty Gal: Why Yes Platform in Red Suede

Michaels: Ashland Ivy Collection Mini Ivy Chain Garland

Liminalia: Ivy Faerie Crown Circlet Adjustable Gold Velvet Ribbons Headpiece

Party City: Adult Green Seamless Tights

Nasty Gal: Audrey Platform Wedge in Red Suede

Illamasqua: False Eye Lashes in Deep Green Black

Chanel: Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour in Pirate (My go-to Red lipstick!)

Remember, it's Halloween - so have fun!  Be fearless! Anything goes! Don't stress about accuracy or all of the finite details; as long as someone can figure out who you're dressed up as, you've done it right. Keep within your character/item/idea/concept's colour schemes. If your character has a very distinguished feature/item, do your best to incorporate it in some shape or form. If you can make the prop - amazing, if not, don't sweat it! Spirit Halloween, Party CityEtsy, and Ebay are great places to grab those little things that really tie the whole costume together. Just be mindful of any necessary shipping time - plan ahead or be resourceful to get those last-minute costumes constructed!

If this ain't enough couples costume inspo for ya, try out Alanna Okun's list of 30 Unconventional Two-Person Halloween Costumes over at Buzzfeed.

*Blows a Kiss*



October 2, 2013

A Recipe for the Best Damn Kale Chips You've Ever Had

So I'm sure you've all noticed I've been M.I.A. as of recent... Blame it on the school, blame it on the unreliable-internet-connection... blame it on the blog-ogogogogggerrrrr.

I try.

Things I'm currently excited about:

-Monopoly is back at McDonald's
-Nine Inch Nails concert this Friday
-Hosting my own Nine Inch Nails Private Pre-Post-Party (At home) (Still awesome)
-I made/tried Kale chips for the first time ever (and succeeded/thoroughly enjoyed 'em)
-My 3 year anniversary is in 2 weeks
-I'm starting my own mini succulent sanctuary

Things I'm not excited about:
-Jays games are over, so no more paycheck (or baseball, which I was really starting to enjoy)
-I am pretty much broke now
-My Venus Fly Trap Died (R.I.P. Chomper)
-TekSavvy still hasn't fixed my modem, so my internet turns on and off every two minutes
-Having to catch up with online coursework when my internet turns on and off every two minutes

Now for what you really came for...

Awesome Kale Chip Recipe


  • A bunch (bushel?) of curly, luscious, gorgeously green Kale
  • Canola Oil or Olive Oil (Best used in spraying/misting form, like Pam)
  • Salt
  • Whatever the hell else you wanna flavour it with!

Here's what I did:

  1. Preheat your oven for 350F.
  2. Cut off the thick stems (they don't bake too well).
  3. Wash the leaves and dry them in a salad spinner (let them dry off sufficiently if you don't have one).
  4. Prepare a baking sheet with some tin foil.
  5. Rip the leaves into bite-sized pieces and lay them on the baking sheet, making sure they don't overlap.
  6. Spray a light (keyword: LIGHT) mist of oil over top of the leaves.
  7. Place the baking tray in your preheated oven for about 10 mins. (take them out when they're crisp, and not brown).
  8. Let them cool a touch, and sprinkle with salt or whatever seasonings you prefer.
  9. ENJOY!

Please don't burn them.


September 15, 2013

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Gala

Last, last Saturday was a pretty good day for me. As I was cashing out at Shoppers Drug Mart the weekend prior, the cashier let me know about the upcoming Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Gala. If I donated $5, I would get to schedule a free beauty consultation, as well as receive swag, a chance to win beauty gift baskets, and $5 off my next beauty purchase! Needless to say, I was immediately on board. I have NEVER had a makeover done. I know they offer them at pretty much every makeup and department store, but the girls are always too busy with other clients, and I'm just not patient enough to wait my turn. So I made an appointment, and I'm so glad I did!

It was great working with makeup artist Julia (@JULESVERNE87 on Instagram!) on my "not too dressy, but good for looking kind of done up everyday" look. She used a variety of Stila products (some of which I ended up purchasing) and urged me to start incorporating certain products into my absolutely non-existent beauty routine. Next on my beauty shopping list: some BB Cream, an exfoliator (she recommended Clinique's 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula), and a moisturizer. I'm going to wait for brand promos to emerge to purchase these items so I can reap the free make-up tester/swag benefits (like the Stila one I'll mention below!). She also suggested adding a cleanser to my routine, which I have but tend to neglect due to sheer laziness... ahem.

At first I was a bit apprehensive about my facial transformation; she continuously asked me how I was liking the look and I have to admit I was a bit worried about the direction it was going in. I knew I couldn't really offer an honest opinion though, not until the mascara and eyeliner finally finished the look. When she applied a nice orange-tinted blush, I felt it was a bit too harsh in contrast with whatever else was on my face and used my fingers to blend and mellow it out. I think she took that as a sign that I totally hated it, but I really didn't! I guess I'm just used to seeing myself with the bare beauty essentials (eyeliner, mascara, and a dab of outfit-complimenting lippy on the way out). Seriously, I only ever apply whatever I can get away with on the short bus ride from home to the subway (and I must admit, even on the TTC, I have quite the steady hand).

Here's my Final Look (after a few hours of thrift store shopping):

Dat cat eye.

It was so awesome to be able to look in the mirror and be like "Hot damn". Thank you Julia!

So in terms of swag I got this great goody bag filled with awesome tester products galore. Mainly Vichy, which is cool. I'm going to do my best to try these new products out. 

Now for my Stila haul!

As Julia was dressing my face, she mentioned that Stila had a gala-exclusive promotion going on, where if you spend $65 or more on Stila products, you get a free gift! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to stock up on some new makeup, especially with the awesome Super Spend Your Points Event going on at Shoppers this weekend! I had enough Shoppers Optimum points to redeem the 25,000 points for $50 offer and got almost $80 worth of Stila make-up for under $30. SCORE. 

A beauty in its own right.

My Stila purchase consisted of Stila's In the Light Palette and Stila's Colour Balm Lipstick in Maya. Julia used a few of the colours from the palette on my lids yesterday, and the Maya lipstick completed my look. I love the palette because it's got all of your bases covered for any kind of natural or smoky eye look you can imagine. I had asked a for a nude lip, and apparently the shade Julia had in mind wasn't available, so out of the suggestions she gave I chose the Maya shade. I felt it not only complimented the blush Julia used on my cheeks, but it was the perfect replacement for my Elizabeth Arden lipstick that seems to be running/wearing out. Huzzah!

The Stila gift with purchase included an exclusive Stila make-up clutch, Stila's Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Stingray (Jet Black), and Stila's Mini Foundation Makeup Brush #35 (which is not sold separately). The clutch is a super soft sueded material, a stylish replacement for my wrist-strapless MAC makeup bag. Ironically, the gifted eyeliner was the same one Julia used for my look, so basically I got half the products in one purchase! When I do invest in some new foundation/BB Cream/Moisturizer, the #35 will be the perfect tool for my TTC beauty looks. 

Don't you just love when life works out like that?

After this whole experience I feel like I've been too cheap and indifferent when it comes to my "look". When I look good, I feel good, so indulging a little more on tailoring my beauty regime and purchasing poppin' products is definitely a sound investment.

What are some beauty products you can't live without?


September 6, 2013

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Binge!

A few days ago I had wanted to put my hair in braids to get wavy hair for the first day of school, but I was totally out of hair elastics (my cats LOVE to play with them). So, I decided to stop by Shoppers Drug Mart to buy a pack, and I am so very very glad I did. It turns out they had a "$1.00 Beauty Clearance Bin" in which I found the hair elastics I needed, on top of a few other goodies. 

My holy haul from Shoppers Drug Mart.

The back of the mirror has extra magnification! Love it.

Although it wasn't in the $1.00 Blowout Bin, I did find a Secret Collection Delicates Mesh Wash Bag for only $3.00. I love mesh bags because I don't just put my bras and panties in them, I also like to use them to wash a lot of my delicate clothing and some of my hand-wash only items. It helps me get away with doing a lot of my laundry in the machine, saving me a hassle and a half. I already had two other mesh bags, but when your closet comprises of so many delicate items, it's always great to have multiple bags on hand.

I bought two packs of really cute and colourful Stylize hair elastics, which so far haven't seemed to stretch out at all, which is a problem I had with my previous elastics. I prefer getting black or dark brown elastics, because they blend in with my hair, but these were just fine for the overnight braid-to-wave technique I was buying them for. And for $1.00 a pack, I really can't complain about the colours!

I also bought a Stylize brush with comfortable rubber grip and I must say, it really is a great brush. It handles my tangles with ease, and although the grip is very "mushy", I actually prefer it over my other, more solid brush handle grips. It really was such a steal for $1.00.

Finally, my favourite purchase - the Stylize magnification hand mirror. I have one of those stand-up, self-supporting, I-don't-really-know-what-they're-called magnification mirrors on my bathroom counter, but sometimes they just don't cut it. I love the fact that the larger mirror is at normal magnification, and on the back there are two smaller mirrors with 5X and 10X magnification too. It fits nicely in my hand, and offers me the convenience and comfort only a hand mirror can provide. If I need to zoom in, I only move the mirror (or my face) a couple inches, and bam! No more having to pause, rotate the mirror to a higher magnification, and losing that one pesky ingrown in the process!

I purchased a few other things that day, and realized that although I spent almost $30, I had saved over $50 and accumulated quite a few Optimum points in the process!

Fortunately, they do have a "Super Spend Your Points Event!" going on this Saturday and Sunday, so my bonus points couldn't have come at a better time! For those of you who don't know, a super spend event allows you to redeem your Shoppers Optimum points for higher redemption values than they're normally worth. Example: If you've accumulated 25,000 points, you'll save up to $50 during the event - an extra $16 more than normal!

For details on the event, visit:

Also, I realize that I have not posted a "Back to School Outfit of the Day Part III" today. I'm actually really sick today (battling off an infection), so I wasn't able to make it to school. Wish me all the best so I can make it back Monday!



September 5, 2013

Outfit of the Day: My First Day of School Outfit Part II

Currently on the most crowded bus on my way to French class.  I had no choice... I had to take a 9AM class, it was the only one that would fit my schedule.  And I'm seriously dreading it.  There isn't much worse than hauling your lazy butt out of bed at 7AM (when you couldn't fall asleep until 2AM) and busting your ass to catch the overcrowded 8AM commuter to make it to class on time.  And of course it's the ONE day you wear heeled sneakers, and of course you don't get a seat on the bus because that would just be too easy.

Soooooo fortunate that I didn't miss the bus taking this...
So I finally have a moment to finish writing this post. I had my French class, an hour break, then I was off to Psychology. I'm really looking forward to Psychology; the professor seems amazing, and I'm very interested in the field. I frequently stumble upon psych-themed articles in my spare time, so to be studying my "hobby" in class seems like a dream. I think it will complement my Marketing major very well, and although I am minoring in Organizational Leadership, it doesn't hurt to broaden your horizons! It also beats taking history and geography courses for my liberals...

Moving on!

My outfit today consists of... mainly metallics. I don't know why, it just felt right. It's like I'm embracing fall, but I'm all "Not too fast now! I'm still gonna do white after labour day. Let's pretend it's just a cool summer's eve, k?".

Alright, from head to toe:

Tom Ford: Harry Full Rim Aviator Sunglasses in Gold

Mac: Dubonnet Lipstick
(Image Source:

La Notte: Tommaso Sweatshirt
(From Aritzia, Similar, Awesome Men's Alexander McQueen Version Here)

Silence + Noise: Foil High-Rise Twig Jean in Gold
(From Urban Outfitters, Similar Brown Version from 7 for All Mankind Here)

Ash: Cool Ter Wedge Sneaker in Silver (Image Source:
(Available in Nude at Revolve Clothing)

Barely shown is my Rose Gold Michael Kors Parker watch. I pretty much wear it every day.

And there you have my second first day of school outfit. 

Lemme know what you think!


September 4, 2013

Street Style Trend: Pop of Red

So I'm back on Lookbook.

Being the fashion junkie that I am, I couldn't stay away for too long...

Care to watch me go down the rabbit hole again?

Anyway, whilst perusing the hottest looks, I can see that fall's new favourite colour is already making it's mark with streetstyle fashionistas. From the perfect cherry red pump, to that one piece of red in an all black ensemble, red is making its way onto the streets, giving a taste of what's to come this fantabulous fall (ok, so I may be feigning my fall excitement here, but I do love red...)

Go monochrome or go home!

Anastasia S. - Sweet, sugar, candyman
Am I the only one getting a cool Christmas vibe? Winter musings already?!

Betty A. - Carven
A playful way to break up pops of red.

Zuza S. - Checked shirt and leather skirt
The red checks stand out THAT much more against the black!

Doina C. - Magic of Paris
I love the way she coordinates the background with her shoes.

So adorable, I just want to tuck him in my pocket, red backpack and all!

Kryz U. - Gusto
A pop of red on the lips, brings out the Louboutin tips!

Jessie K. - Lazy Daisy
A true commitment to the colour.

So many lovely looks, right?

Red has always come off as such a luscious colour to me. Love it!

Here are some of my fave picks for adding a pop of red to your own clothing collection!

J. Crew - Collection Café Capri in Moroccan Windowpane
I can't get over this amazing pattern.
Zara - Checked Blazer in Red
Nothing screams FALL more than a red plaid blazer.
Zara - Studded Ankle Strap Sandals in Red
A glam way to throw some red in the mix.

Forever 21 - Lacquered Heart Charm Necklace in Red
For only $1.80, you can't go wrong!

American Apparel - Leather Bow Clip in Red
Two trends in one!

Armani Exchange - Ruffle Hem Ponte Mini Skirt in Henna
Use the shape and pop of colour to add some interest to your neutrals!
Clover Canyon - Royal Egg Vase Printed Top
Red doesn't need to be stealing the light to stand out.
Diane von Furstenberg - 440 Leopard-Print Calf Hair Clutch Bag
Seriously, what WON'T this go with?!
Red-y or not, we are done!