February 14, 2014

Top 14 Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

A girl that is strapped for cash must be picky with her purchases.  Don't be wasteful with your wallet - show it some wuv. To help, I've searched high and low to compile a list of everything worthy of wearing in the warmer weather. I've rounded up some of the most popular and oft-mentioned trends for the coming SS2014 season, so that any savvy splurging is completely justified, if not encouraged.

Top Trends to Buy For (Or Not to Purge from Your Closet):


Metallics will continue to shine this season, making your glitzy holiday-wear/NYE purchases totally worth recycling! The brighter and more colourful, the better. If it looks like a rainbow has had its way with your outfit, +1 to you my friend. A lot of people are opting for classy, coloured couture items, but those of us on the streets know how to work some 90's holographic prints right in there. To this day I regret not purchasing a mini holographic backpack for $5 from a yard sale (instead I spent it on an Eminem CD and a Bart Simpson snow-globe pencil). Personally, I love any excuse to stand-out (fashionably), so this trend is right up my alley.


A winter revolutionist and quintessential spring favourite, pastels are continuing their reign over our wardrobes. The key here is to partake in a rendition of Carl Jung's "Law of Opposites". Pair your subtle pastels with bolder, contrasting shades for maximum impact. To make it easier, keep it monochrome, just in varying shades/intensities. If you're feeling adventurous, try pairing a fun fuchsia piece with a subdued baby blue, or sweet mint green with a vibrant tangerine!


Don't crop crop tops out of your closet just yet; with a steady stream of high-waisted bottoms, ready and willing, crop tops are here to stay another season. When I'm feeling brave, the midriff baring is a go. If you're a little shy or tummy conscious, just pair it with a high-waisted pencil or full skirt to close the gap. Keep your bottoms to balance everything out. High-waisted jeans, a crop top, and a moto jacket or blazer always make for a great outfit, and some high-waisted jeans can work shapewear-esque miracles. The other day I had fun pairing my cropped, striped oversized tee with a flowing double slit maxi-skirt in a similar shade. Just keep your proportions in check and you're golden!


Another spring favourite, florals, are back once again. No surprise there, though. The best way to add some modern flair to this trend is by scoping out pieces that feature texture and embellishments within the pattern. Like flowers covered in sequins or beads for that extra pop.


Sportier looks are back on the runway, and with neoprene dresses well behind us, designers seems to be adding comfy-cozy sporty elements into their collections. Just picture shiny fabrics juxtaposed with fellow kooky colours reminiscent of a 90's workout video, but on a more luxurious scale. The trick here is to not put on too many sporty pieces, as you run the risk of becoming an overdressed athlete. Aim for more of a "girl who knows how to balance comfort and class" kind of look - "luxe" jogging pants with a more modest, but still structured, top would do the trick.


Dare to bare in this showstopping trend. Now don't think you need to go full-frontal here, a little flash of something underneath here or there (ankles count!) behind a mesh panel can turn up the heat on any outfit. Want to make it even more conservative? Try layering an opaque tank top under a sheer chiffon dress shirt (under a blazer) for a more family appropriate look!

Full Skirts

You don't need to go as far back as the 50's to see that tea skirts are back in full swing. These comfortable, flowy, "I must twirl around endlessly" skirts have been popping up all over the runways - and for good reason! They're a great alternative to the double slit maxis we've been pretty fond of. So get your tea party on, and try to keep things sweet and playful for the ulti-MiuMiu outfit!

White Oxford-Inspired Shirts

Ok so it's not like basic, crisp white shirts haven't been considered one of the foundation pieces of any woman's closet. But these specific reincarnations are basically taking it to the next level. Cropped, unstructured, embellished, ruffles galore, you name it, they did it this year. Although not the most practical basic, these new oxford-inspired tops could really bump up your boring, go-to work outfit into something a little more trendy for "casual Fridays". It's still following the dress code if it fulfills the requirements if it's described as "white, collared, and starch-straight", right?


I think this trend really speaks for itself. Well-structured sleeves and torsos to give the appearance that the wearer is secretly a box in disguise is pretty much the look you're going for. It may be a little risky for those not confident enough with their already broad shoulders, or rectangular torso. As J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote "A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid." Release the booty.


Ok so schoolgirl skirts is a step in the right direction, tennis dresses even more so. What we're really coveting here are some skinny pleats, the barely there pleats that make you say "those aren't pleats? No, little elves broke into my closet last night and tried to expertly organize it by efficiently folding and my clothes to fit into the smallest space possible, but I guess it just didn't work out. Micro pleats is the name, and monochromatic/basic tops is the game. Have fun, but don't get lost in the folds.

Pop-Art Inspired

This trend is all about looking like a walking museum. The bolder and more indecipherable the image, the better. Prada, Warhol, and Pollock can provide all of the inspiration you need. Be careful with investing in this trend - too bold or too kooky could be a problem for those of you who don't want the eye-spotlight. Dress at your own risk.

Big Words (And I don't mean words like: circumlocution)

The more obnoxious the name and logo, the better. Be it a brand, emotion, or literally just the most random word possible, wear it loud and proud. If you look like a walking advertisement, you're doing it right.

Wide-Leg Pants

This trend has three extremes. There's the boot-cut-ish trouser that you wear to hide the fact that you're wearing heels from three season ago, the palazzo pant extreme because you want to indulge in your faux-euro roots, and the gaucho extreme that is literally so extreme that it was named after one of the most uncomfortably enunciated words I've ever had the displeasure of saying. I'm loving the palazzo pant trend simply because self-conscious women can a pretty great way to get away with not shaving on a hot summer's day.


I'm not really sure if fringe is ever really going to be out-of-style, per se. I think Free People, Coachella, as well as the state of California, will keep it rolling strong for years to come. Still, if western-wear isn't your thing, look for pieces that embellish with a touch of skinny, fluffy, silky fringe, instead of the thicker, wider, stiffer strands commonly created with suede or leather pieces. You could also consider delicate, fringed jewelry, which isn't too hard to come by. Or you could always just accessorise with a not-so-delicate leather whip, your choice.

Here's my newest addition, to make up for my shoe closet's lack of colourful, metallic options:

Urban Outfitters - Sale $19
For under $20, this was a very savvy expenditure. I love the comfort of a flat, but the flair of the holographic material, the fact that they're much cheaper than they actually look, as well as the pointy-toed primness of this particular pair - swoon. Can't wait to wear these when the snow melts!

What trends are you looking to invest in?


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