August 29, 2013

Back-to-School Backpacks!

I'm going to be starting school again next week (Yay!) and I know I'm not the only one who is in desperate need of back-to-school shopping shenanigans type of fix. See, I've had the same backpack since Grade 11. I absolutely love it, but... I think it's time to move on. It's a gorgeous black patent nylon LeSportsac backpack with a matching pencil case (too cute), but I've got to admit it has seen better days. A few tears have started forming, the straps are cracking, and the drawstring pull broke, so I have to keep knotting and unknotting it (and with my nails, that becomes annoying REALLY quick).

I would now like to share with you my favourite backpacks that I am totally coveting for the new school year.  Bear with me, I'm incredibly indecisive... and so madly in love with too many styles.

*Please note, although I am totally aware of the fact that you don't necessarily need a backpack for school, a tote or shopper would work well enough too, my textbooks are heavy and I get back pain pretty easily, so I prefer backpacks for comfort. Plus, I can put them behind me on my chair - voila, instant back-pillow!*

Also, I'm totally hooked on the new Eminem song "Berzerk". Just thought it was worth a mention.

Now baby's got some back... pack to pick out.

Stela 9 - Shiva Backpack (Lovely detailing)
Alexander Wang - Flap Pocket Backpack in Ink Croc Embossed (Crikey! Get a load of this bag!)

Old Trend - Moto Distressed Backpack in Cafe (It can only get better with age)

Harper Avenue Backpack (There's something so sexy about being able to see right through this...)

Free People - Downtown Leather Backpack (Gorgeous bleached-like leather)
Jansport - Etoile Floral Print Backpack (Pink IS my favourite colour after all)

BDG - Cargo Pocket Backpack in Olive (I don't mind the Red either)

Sweet Lord O'Mighty - Purrfect Backpack (I need this right meow)

UNIF - Gamma Ray Backpack (Blindingly beautiful)

Nasty Gal - Star Studded Backpack (Hoping this gets me gold stars in school)

Marc by Marc Jacobs - Pretty Nylon Backpack (Love the double handle, but would want a different colour/pattern)

3.1 Phillip Lim - Zip Around Backpack (Simple and stylish)

orYANY - Holly Backpack (Red-y for school)

Which one's your fave?


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