April 27, 2014

Planned Purchases & Price Matching - The Bay, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Future Shop

I've been a bad, bad girl.

I told myself I would stop. I would end the madness. But alas, here I am, preparing to swipe my Visa once again, and stock up on kitchen gadgets galore.

I present to you my current wishlist/planned culinary purchases, arranged by store.


The Bay (Sale Ends May 1st, 2014):

Joseph Joseph Stretch Trivet in Green

I've been searching high and low for the perfect trivet for some time. I have two green silicon circles at the moment, but they're incredibly thin and about the size of small salad plates. Considering I tend to use a lot of big pots and pans, I constantly worry about damaging whatever surface I place the hot pans on. I've been looking for something a bit thicker, with enough surface area to accommodate my roasting pants and cookie sheets. I wanted it to be silicon-based, due to silicon's amazing heat-resistant properties, durability, washability, and plain old ability to cool rather quickly if needed. Plus, I figure that most of the metals ones (even the coated, enamel ones), will retain too much heat and burn my hands if I try and move or adjust them, or that my pots will slide around on a slick metal surface. 

And then in steps in this beauty; a trivet goddess if there ever was one. Compact, but expandable. Refreshing in both colour and design. Heat resistant to 600F, and dishwasher safe, it fits the bill (and beyond). Currently only $13.99, on sale from $19.99 - it's a pretty sweet deal. I can't wait to pick one (maybe even two) up!

Joseph Joseph Scoop OR Small Scoop Colander in Green

Yeah, I'm a sucker for matching sets/collections. But hear me out! These colander scoopers are a utensil-junkie's dream. Heat resistant up to 480F, so it'll be really useful for oven-based meals like roasted potatoes that need saving from being "oil-boarded", or to de-chunkify your chicken/roast's resting juices. It sure beats my slotted spoons, and I really can't get over how intuitively simple and modern this tool's design really is. I'd like to get both, although I could probably manage (read: struggle) with just one. Right now they're on sale for $6.29 for the Small Scoop (down from $8.99) and $8.39 for the Regular Scoop (down from $11.99), so for under $10 each, I could afford to scoop them both up. 

Kitchen Stuff Plus:

I already have a nice dark grey/black marble mortar and pestle, and it has served me well for quite sometime; HOWEVER, it's way too heavy and large for its main purpose (in my case) - grinding a few small spoonfuls of black peppercorns and pink himalayan salt crystals. You really should try grinding your own spices more often - there's just something very satisfying about the crushing motion and the freshness of the grind, and besides, my poor Bodum Bistro Salt and Pepper Grinder died about a mere month-or-so post-purchase (beyond Future Shop's return policy), and frankly, it was half-assing it from the beginning. Sometimes it would screw up; when I wanted salt, I got a mix of salt and pepper instead (and vice versa). So I got fed up, relegated it to the back of a cupboard (until I have the patience to deal with Bodum Customer Support), and decided to hand-grind from there on out. Now, I'm trying to clear up space on my counters, and I'm getting sick and tired of lifting a heavy marble mortar for a mere teaspoon of salt, so I figured I'd find a smaller, counter-top replacement, and stow my larger marble stunner for times when a simple teaspoon just won't cut it. That's where this precious little piece comes in. I've read a number of positive reviews on this model, and for only $4.99, you really can't go wrong. Sure, I would've preferred another black marble one to match (I'm a sucker, remember?), but the $10 Fox Run Marble Mortar and Pestle in Black seemed a bit too shiny (translated: cheap) in comparison to my current one. Besides, I think I could get used to this simple, understated style.

And so, to complete the set, I'd love to pick up one of these absolutely adorable (this pic really doesn't do it justice) matching salt pigs. Right now, I just have a this huge plastic pouch (the one the salt actually came in) taking up valuable counter space, so this, like the mini mortar and pestle, will prove to be very effective. I was considering getting a second one for my peppercorns, but my Cuisinart 16 pc Spice Rack already has a designated jar for them, so there'd be no point (we're trying to save space, remember?). It's a sooey-worthy steal at only $2.99, although I've got to admit this is one of those things I'd prefer to get vintage, but I don't have the time/patience to search (closest Value Village is 40 minutes away...). That, and purchasing from Etsy, as wonderful as it would be, is a bit too costly for me (or else I would be all over this gorgeous turquoise one). Either way, considering how cheap it really is, even if I do eventually find a snazzier one whilst vintage shopping, it wouldn't be much of a loss to replace it. I've got to admit though, I'm really liking the pop of pink against the white!

Bed Bath & Beyond:

Okay, I'll admit, I would scoff at those who owned a pizza stone. "My frozen pizza crust crisps just fine on my $10 perforated pizza pan, thank you very much." Let me just say, I'm sorry. I was naive and foolish and realized the error in my ways when I tried to bake a homemade gluten free crust... and watched to my dismay at it glued itself to my pan, plugging the perforations. I figured that something without perforations ran the risk of making my crust soggy, so I went ahead and investigated this "pizza stone" bizness a little more. Turns out, The Bay has a very highly recommended pizza stone on sale for half price, and Bed Bath & Beyond sells it for $35 more (Perfect opportunity for a Price Match). This particular pizza stone (Originally $49.99 at The Bay, on sale for $34.99, selling at BB&B for $69.99) can be used in the oven, microwave, freezer, and even on your grill - can be heated up to 930F! You can slice away on it, and it claims to be much lighter than it looks (30% lighter than cast iron? I'll be the judge of that). Considering I'll be making my own gluten free pizza doughs and breads from scratch from now on, this could seriously come in handy. I plan on finding a nice wooden pizza peel (possibly bamboo) at Winners/Marshalls/Homesense; I've seen quite a few before, but never had a reason to pick one up (until now that is).

Future Shop:

I'm a bit of a Bodum fan-girl, and have almost never been disappointed by their clever products (the salt and pepper shaker being the exception). I currently own the Bodum Bistro Hand Mixer (which I scored on Clearance at The Bay for $31.99!), matching Bodum Bistro Toaster, and also matching Bodum Bistro Electric Blade Coffee Grinder, (found it at Winners for $19.99) among other things, and so I saw that the red "hand blender" was on sale and decided, why not? I haven't used an immersion blender since I was living at home, and simply struggled with my pathetic 5-or-so-year old Magic Bullet (that inevitably bit the bullet this year) for the longest time. I am questioning this purchase, seeing as I recently gifted myself (we all deserve something nice every once in awhile) an OXO Food Mill (I persuaded BB&B to let me have it for $50, tax included! How could I say no?!) and replaced my Magic Bullet with a Kitchenaid 3.5 Cup Food Processor. I pined for one when making homemade (from scratch) butternut squash soup, but now I think my food mill would probably do a better job. Still, this video's had me convinced that there is more than meets the eye. $45.98 ain't bad, and it matches, so, you know, gotta collect 'em all. 


And there you have it folks; a tally of how I'm going to be so broke ($130 in the hole, to be precise) and how I need/justify/deserve it all. And who knows, maybe while I'm out and about, I'll find even more (let's hope not, for my wallet's sake)(but if I do, you'll surely be the first to know).

Until next dime!


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