January 31, 2015

Most Wanted: Jumpsuits

Nothing makes me feel more put together than a jumpsuit.

When in said jumpsuit, I feel flawless; it's just one of those pieces, in my eyes anyway, that sensuously says: "I've got my shit together." Honestly, if I could, I'd probably get away with wearing one every day. Being as curvy as I am, I find a hard time finding clothes that fit just right. If it fits my chest, it sure as hell won't fit my waist. And if it fits my legs, it won't even making it past my butt. But with a jumpsuit? Everything is accentuated in just the right way, giving me the most flattering figure. In a jumpsuit, I can tuck away my insecurities - no need to shave my legs, worry about "whale tails", or feel underdressed. Sure, you might experience some trouble going to the bathroom, but that's a sacrifice you make for an air of confidence that cannot be replicated, even with the highest of heels. You can dress a jumpsuit up or down, pair it with almost any shoe or accessory, without a care. No need to worry about matching your top to your bottom - getting dressed just got that much easier.

I really would like to stock up on a few more of these. So far I own two; one in full Diesel denim, the other, a belted satin black number from Armani Exchange. Paired with a blazer and some booties, I'm ready to face/rule the world. I'll admit, I am partial to the deep-v styles in classic black, but you can always find high necklined varieties to suit your business needs, and patterns to add a punch.

Here are my top picks from a casual browse (mind you, they're not the most realistically priced for my "budget", but a girl can dream):

Trina Turk - Iona Strapless Fitted Sateen Jumpsuit in Black ($434.92)

3.1 Phillip Lim - Draped Colorblock Jumpsuit w/Judo Belt in Ink ($1027.64)

Roland Mouret - Verona Double-Crepe Cutout-Back Jumpsuit in Black ($3275.20)

Jason Wu - Gabardine Tuxedo Jumpsuit in Black ($920.24)

Rachel Zoe - Shiloh Leather-Waist Jersey Jumpsuit in Black ($322.22)

Michael Michael Kors - Chain-Neck Matte-Jersey Jumpsuit in Black/Silver ($80.00)

Michael Kors - Eyelet Silk-Jacquard Bustier Jumpsuit in Suntan/Black ($2295.00)

Betsey Johnson - Tuxedo Jumpsuit in Black ($189.00)

Topshop - Metallic Snakeskin Jumpsuit in Gold ($68.94)

Topshop - Velvet Wrap Front Jumpsuit in Black ($49.02)

Ella Moss - Stella Jumpsuit in Black ($326.21)

d. RA - Anemone Jumpsuit in Navy ($154.25)

Indah - Tenno Fringe Flounce Jumpsuit in White ($104.94)

Alice by Temperley - Alice Jumpsuit in Black ($316.10)

Kimchi Blue - Wide-Leg Bustier Jumpsuit in Black ($29.99)

Halston Heritage - Draped Jumpsuit in Black ($625.87)

Faithfull - Shutterbabe Jumpsuit in Navy ($153.88)

As you can see, I wasn't exaggerating my partiality towards low-cut black "powersuits".

As always, I promised myself I wouldn't spend any money, but what do you know, I had a $10 award on my Guess List card. So I did what any fashionably adventurous girl would do, and invested it in a piece that was classic, but impractical. It came out to just under $45.00 with my discount (tax included), and despite my initial apprehension (it's a little more than I wanted to spend, and my cleavage is um, there), I couldn't be more pleased with my (somewhat impulsive) purchase.

Guess - Sleeveless Deep V-Neck Jumpsuit in Boho Blue ($49.00)

It's incredibly sexy, but in an almost elegant fashion. To be quite honest, it made me feel like a trophy wife. It's just one of those pieces that you keep in the back of your closet for that "what if?" event. And yes, it's blue. See, I CAN accept other colours too! This jewel tone is unexpected and refreshing when head to head against its black compatriot, and I think that's what I appreciate most about it.

Sometimes, you just gotta let go of your inhibitions, and jump right in.

What's a purchase decision you've made, where you chose to eschew a cautionary/realistic approach?


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