February 22, 2016

L'Oreal Paris Hydra-Total 5 Ultra-Even Skincare Ritual

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Long time no post. I've decided to come out of hiding to share something very special with you - my current skincare routine. I have had the privilege of testing a set of 4 new products from L'Oreal Paris' Hydra Total-5 Ultra-Even line over the last few weeks, and am now ready to share my findings.

The Ultra-Even line consists of 4 products: A scrub, a toner, a moisturizer, and a lotion, theoretically used in that same order.

I found myself starting with the scrub and toner in the mornings, followed by the lotion if I was planning on going out. Before bed, I would apply the moisturizer and let it work its magic overnight.

I should probably mention that I have never actually maintained a strict skincare routine, until now - that's what makes this special. It definitely helps to have a line of products provided all at once that are meant to complement one another. Any previous regimes have consisted of a mish mash of products, either purchased or received as gifts or free samples, that would counteract each other, randomly cause breakouts, or just feel "wrong". These products didn't cause me any breakouts or other skin issues, and I must add that I have sensitivity-prone combination skin.

First off, all of the products have a lovely scent. The scrub reminds me of mangoes, the toner has a citrusy kick, the moisturizer is a light and elegant floral, and the lotion is lively. The scrub had the strongest scent, followed by the lotion, then the toner, and finally the moisturizer. I've been looking forward to the smell of my scrub in the morning, and truly believe the lovely amalgamation of scents helped me stick to the routine.

I almost wanted to just stick to using the scrub, not only because it was my favourite of the scents, but because of how nice my face would feel afterwards. It didn't foam much, wasn't at all rough, and provided me with the softest and smoothest skin, sans irritation. I felt that the feeling diminished after using the toner, but that a lot of the redness caused by exfoliation was also dissipated by the toner, so I trudged on. The toner also provided a bit of a "radiant" and taught effect on my skin, though it left a bit of a sticky residue at first.

I really enjoyed using the SPF lotion in the series as well. Before these products, I tended to gravitate to hydrating moisturizers, without a thought about sun protection. I found this product actually moisturized and protected me without leaving behind any thick, greasy residue typical of other SPF lotions. I preferred it over the moisturizer, which I decided to use strictly at night (despite being touted as a day/night cream).

The moisturizer was very thick and white, it was difficult to blend, and would leave my face feeling sticky. After quite some time (over an hour in my case), the product would be fully absorbed and I could finally benefit from the moisturized feeling it provided. It did make my skin feel softer than the lotion, which I appreciated, and that was the only reason I kept it in the rotation. I used it solely before bed to allow it to properly absorb and hydrate. Honestly though, the combination of scrub and lotion did a pretty bang up job fixing my winter-dry skin issues on their own.

In terms of amounts of products used, I did use about a dollar-sized amount of scrub, lotion, and moisturizer to cover my face and neck. The toner I applied (generously) to a cotton pad, and patted on my face as directed. I must warn you that the toner does tend to spill out, and I do plan on transferring it into a pump-style container for ease of use.

I still can't say for certain how much more even my skin tone has become, but I do notice my skin feeling a lot softer, smoother, and more moisturized. Redness, being an annoying issue I've experienced as of late, has been visibly reduced.

A beautiful shot straight from my phone.

I must say I really enjoyed using these products over the last few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficacy of this affordable drugstore find. I will definitely continue to use and repurchase the scrub, my fave pick of the bunch. The toner and lotion I will use to completion, and contemplate purchasing in the future. As for the moisturizer... I will finish it but not sure if I would seek it out again. Only time will tell, and I believe my time was well spent testing these new and exciting offerings from L'Oreal Paris!

These products are now available for purchase online at - feel free to try them out for yourself!

You can also find them at Rexall and Shoppers Drug Mart.


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Please note: I have received these products for free for testing purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are honest and are my own. 

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