September 2, 2013

First Day of School Style

You know, you high-schoolers have it easy. You elementary school kids too. University and College students have the hardest first week of school possible.

Know why?

Because we potentially have up to 6 days of different classes in a row. In my case, 4 days.

Can you imagine having to meticulously plan out four fashionable and fab first day first impressions?

It's freaking me out.

I mean, should I still be rocking a summer style, or have we made an early transition into fall with the whole first day of school, it's finally September sitch?

Do I dare to bring out my most eccentric pieces; to stand out among the crowd of fifty to five hundred faces? Or do I do my best to blend in to avoid that one teacher who will simply pick on you just because you stand out?


My schedule for this semester consists of: Finance, Economics, French, Marketing, Psychology, and Human Resources. Kind of bummed that I'm taking Marketing online, but it was the only way to A) Avoid having classes on Wednesdays, and B) Get the best possible prof.

So, I need to figure out my outfits for tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, and next Monday (today's a holiday, so my first day of class is getting pushed to next week).

It ain't gonna be easy, and I haven't really done any back-to-school shopping because I've been pretty broke after final clearance. Ah well, I'll make do.

Some of the many of pieces for Back-to-School that I totally covet:

Silence + Noise - French Hip Hop Maxi Dress (Perfect for French class, non?)

American Apparel - Leather T-Shirt (I would buy one in every colour if I could)

Danier - Style # 104030555 (This is that classic jacket that will make your outfit)

Brian Lichtenberg - Black Feline Baseball Cap with Gold Embroidery 
(This would be the be all and end all of my hat collection, I swear)

Silence + Noise - High-Rise Pull-On Skinny Pant 
(That comfy pant that you can just slip on with anything and look awesome)

Nasty Gal - Hieroglyph Ankh Earrings (Just so much love for these, I don't even...)

Somedays Lovin' - Cobra Kimono (Make a ssssstatement)

Wildfox - EXCLUSIVE Gold Sparkle Heart
(Two of fall's trendiest colours side-by-side, love it)

T By Alexander Wang - Supima Jersey Leather Pocket Tee
(Comfy and versatile, what more could a girl ask for?)

I've decided that I'm just gonna "do me" in terms of my look, and review all of the course content before my first day(s) of class. I'll be fashionable, and knowledgeable - standing out for all the right reasons.

Cannot get this out of my head...

I hope you have a fashionable first day!


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