August 15, 2013

The Chef'N Bananza Banana Slicer Review

Banana banana banananananananananaa batman!
My kitchen is kind of becoming a bit uni-tasker haven (I can't help myself, when stuff goes on sale, and it's kind of cute/cool, I buy), and I've got a pretty creative imagination, so I figured I should add a few posts about useful uni-taskers. I'm going to come up with new uses for you to use those single-purpose kitchen tools that you're not taking advantage of! 

Alright, so I'm assuming I'm not the ONLY one that loves to add sliced banana to her cereal, to fruit salad, or even on toast with peanut butter and honey (try it, it's delicious). If you're like me, the idea of a banana slicer can seem kind of nifty. Let's be real though, how many of us honestly spend a good portion of our morning slicing bananas, or can't just pull out any old butterknife and chop up some thick, gooey slivers of potassium?

I'd say this slicer is better suited to those who require a mess-less banana slicing experience. I know it's nothing a little hand washing can't fix, but if it can be avoided, and perfect slices of banana can be had in a flash, then why not?

This product features "kid-friendly" stainless steel blades, so that's a plus for all of y'all who are harbouring fugitives of the womb-originating variety.

Also, it's dishwasher safe (Can I get a hallelujah?)

Moving on.

Use #1: As a banana slicer.

Duh. Also, note that bananas DO turn brown after awhile (oxidation, booooo), so being able to chop large amounts of banana in a short amount of time can really do wonders for your plating, presentation, and general loveliness.

Use #2: Quick strawberry and peeled kiwi slicer!

Not only can it handle bananas, but other users have reported it can handle strawberries and peeled kiwis as well!  Fruit salad FTW.

Use #3: Slicing Mushrooms/Small Zucchini/Small Parboiled Potatoes for stirfry/home fries!

It just might work with the mushrooms, and with small yukon gold and fingerling potatoes. Don't take my word for it though, I'm just the silly banana-slicer obsessed girl trying to make awesome excuses to invest in a banana slicer. Heh.

Use #4: Slicing whatever fruit can fit! 

If you're down for dehydrating fruit or making fruit chips, you could use this to pump out faster, thicker slices than your mandolin!

Use #5: Slicing little pickles or mini-cucumbers!

It's just an all-around great tool for getting those little veggies into sweet, succulent slices for sandwiches, garnish, salads, skewers, I could go on! But I won't.

Use #6: Asparagus. Mmm.

Seems like a pretty good idea to get your stalks of asparagus into manageable bits and pieces.

That's all I've got, for now.


It will make banana slicing a dream, breakfast a breeze, and for those of you that extend into the banana bread/banana pudding/sundae Sunday realm, you will be thanking the heavens for this one.

KSP sells over 500 of them a year.

Be 1 of the 500; join the banana slicing cul... community.

If that hasn't convinced you, here's 25 Powerful Reasons to Eat Bananas from Food Matters.

Don't know what to do with a truck load of sliced bananas?

Here's some positively lurvely banana-rama-dama recipes:

Fried honey bananas from Rachel Shultz:

Spicy banana curry from All Recipes User kidcharlemagne:

Orange banana smoothie from Dianna Rattray on

Another recipe from Dianna Rattray for sweet potato and banana casserole:

Buy the Chef'N Bananza Banana Slicer on-line or in-store at Kitchen Stuff Plus for only $8.49 (Williams-Sonoma sells it for $12.40!):

Peel you later, alligator.


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