January 14, 2013

Street Style Trend: Camouflage

Been spending too much time on Lookbook recently, totally inspired by all the amazing street style porn this site has to offer. I've also been skimming over Spring/Summer 2013 trends.

Clearly, 90's is being revived yet again in 2013. No worries, totes my fave era- 90's girl, woot woot.

For the SS13 we're seeing neons (yet again), fun digital prints, as well as *gasp* overalls (still not sure how to pull these off)! The bright colours will make the transition from cold to warm that much more exciting (And I'm just glad I don't have to toss out all my neon from last summer, tee hee).

On Lookbook, there's been a LOT of dark, 90's reminiscing styles, whose colour palate seems to mesh well with this year's gloomy, albeit not incredibly cold, winter months. Colours like "oxblood", black, forest green, and plum are very popular, especially for the cold climate crowd.  Those lucky enough to be in L.A. are rocking denim to the max. The grungiest of accessorizing I've noticed, however, has been camo print. Every other person has something camouflage-printed, whether it be a military camo-print shirt, to camo pants, and even iPhone cases.

To catch up to the current street style gods, I went out and purchased a camouflage sweater from Urban Outfitters featuring some rad mystical Virgin Mary interpretation graphic printed on it.  On sale for $19.99, it was a steal! I also lucked out at Winners and got a make-up set featuring black nail polish and lipstick from Wet-N-Wild for only $5.00.  Thankfully, I almost fit into my bf's clothes, so I've been stealing his dog-tag necklace and super old camo-printed cargo pants (I give a new meaning to "boyfriend jeans", honestly). I'm ready to rock, and you can too!
For a student on a budget, there are actually quite a few camouflage options that may be on sale, considering it was also a bit of a trend in Fall 2012. 

Going through some of my go-to stores and sites, I've narrowed down some inspirational options! 

Comfy, easy to accessorize, t-shirt:

Look super sharp for school with Herschel (Consider it a back to school, second semester splurge, totally excusable):

Super cute skinnies on sale:

If you've got some to spend, pick up these adorable Litas from Jeffrey Campbell, in a pony-hair camo, and on sale:

Super subtle iPhone Case- Only $2.99:

If this great variety of affordable items from H&M doesn't do it, I don't know what will:

I totally recommend taking your hunt to Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops, or even surplus stores to score this trend! There's a place in Toronto on Queen St. called "The Black Market", and they had a huge rack FILLED with camo shirts for only $10!  A perfect layering item for the grunge look!

Most importantly, have fun!

Me + Black Lipstick = So Grunge it hurts.


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